Urban China no.33 ordering information

Zhou Shasha
China International Book Trading Corporation (CIBTC)
中国 北京399信箱 邮政编码:100044
Euro-American Section
Distribution Center for Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals
China International Book Trading Corporation
35, Chegongzhuang Xilu,P.O. Box 399, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: 0086-10-68433113 or 68433193 http://www.cibtc.com.cn
Fax: 0086-10-68420340 E-mail:BK1@MAIL.CIBTC.COM.CN

Urban China (ISSN code: 1009-7163 CN)
CIBTC title number: C6978

The total price is subscription price+Postage.

One Year Subscription price: 106.80USD
Airmail Postage: 97.20USD (10-20 days)
Sea Mail Postage: 28.80USD (3 months)
SAL Postage: 49.20USD (20-30 days)

Single issue price: 8.9USD
Airmail postage: 8.1USD
Sea Mail Postage: 2.4USD
SAL Postage: 4.1 USD

Payment Method Options

1.By check to be sent to our corporation.
Cheque Title: China International Book Trading Corporation
Delivery Address:
Euro-American Section
Newspapers and Periodicals Export Dept.
China International Book Trading Corporation
35, Chegongzhuang Xilu,P.O. Box 399, Beijing 100044, China

2.Transfer to our account number by following bank:
(1) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Beijing Municipal Branch
Tower B, Tianyin Mansion No.2, Fuxing MenNan Street,
Beijing 100031, China
A/C:02 0000 4609 11600 4454 (for US Dollar)
A/C:02 0000 4609 11600 4605 (for EURO)
(2) Bank of China Banking Department, Head Office
1, Fu Xing Men Nei Ave., / Beijing 100818, China
A/C:0000 8808 0940 01

3.Pay By Credit Card
Payment can be made by credit card.
The following information will be need for your credit card payment:
card number, expiry month/year, an xeroxed obverse and reverse side of your card, card holder’s signature, the currency to be paid and amount.

We accept Visa/MasterCard/American Express.
A handling fee of 4% for amount over CNY 500.00 will be charged to you.
If you agree to it, please fill in the following form:

( )Visa ( ) MasterCard ( )American Express
Card number:
Expiration (month/year):
Card Holder's Name (in full):
Amount charged:

One Year Subscription/12 issues ( ) Single Issue #:___ ( )