Section 8: Creative Portraits

Section 8: Creative Portraits

12 Portraits of Chinese Creatives

Creative Portrait made by Leo de Boisgisson, in Shanghai

Dead J aka Shaoyanpeng

年龄: 27
Age: 27
职业: 音乐&声音设计
Profession: musician and sound designer
副业: 舞台剧及电影配乐
Side Job or activity: I compose sound tracks for films and theatre plays.
教育: 本科
Education: MA
住址: 北京
Lives in: Beijing
工作地点: 地球
Works in: Earth
工作时间: 工作时间不确定
Working hours: Not fixed
收入: 没挣过大钱,目前够吃够花,够负担工作室的开销而已
Salary: I never make big money, currently I make enough to buy food and pay for my studio.
你认为产生创意的核心因素是: 旺盛
Essential condition for creativity: Full energy
讨厌: 口是心非
Hates: Hypocrisy
喜欢: 冷静+热情
Loves: Coolness & warmth

六: 你认为你是个音乐家还是一个电脑艺术家?
Leo de Boisgisson: Do you consider yourself as a musician or as a laptop artist?
XX: 两个都是,这不冲突。
Dead J: I'm both, there's no conflict between the two things.

六: 你怎么决定做电子音乐?
LdB: Why did you decide to produce electronic music?
XX: 因为当时我找不到其他伙伴一起做我想做的音乐,除了电脑。
DJ: Because I couldn't find a good partner to do the music I wanted to do, besides my computer.

六: 你在哪儿工作?
LdB: Where do you work?
XX: 主要在我的工作室。
DJ: Mostly in my home studio

六: 你主要靠音乐的什么方面赚钱?唱片销售?表演? 其他?
LdB: Do you make your money on records sales? Performances? Side projects?
DJ: Record sales don't count as a main income. Performances represent most of it and soundtracks for theatre or movies are a good complement too.

六: 你喜欢俱乐部吗?
LdB: Do you like clubbing?
DJ: Can I say that clubbing is already ‘passé’? because it's a monotonous culture.

六: 你对DJ有什么想法?
LdB: What do you think of djs?
DJ: Djing is a technique, and at the same time djs need to have a progressive and open mind because what they spin influences the whole world.

六: 你最喜欢在什么样的场地表演?
LdB: What is your favorite kind of venue to perform your music?
DJ: Factories or churches or any place that looks raw and simple to invest.

六: 你认为人了解你的音乐吗?
LdB: Do you think people understand your music?
DJ: I think that if you really listen to music you don’t need to understand it, feeling it is enough. Good music has to have style and personality but doesn’t necessarily need a conceptual support.

六: 你演出的最好的回忆是什么?
LdB: What is the best memory of performance you have?
DJ: That’s hard to say

六: 最不好的呢?
LdB: What's the worst?
DJ: That’s also hard to say.

六: 你明年有什么计划?
LdB: What's your plan for next year?
DJ: Next year I’m going to start new projects, projects where music, sound, vision, and environment can merge together.

六: 如果你不在做音乐你会选择做什么?
LdB: What would you do if you weren't doing music?
DJ: After I graduated from uni I thought about becoming a teacher; after that I realized that music could also be a profession and I think it's a happy life style.