Informational Geographies vs. Creative Clusters

07/29/2007 - 05:00
07/29/2007 - 08:00

Sunday 29 July, 2-5pm

Xinzhai (Building), Room 304
Department of Chinese Language & Literature
Tsinghua University

Direction from the Northwest Gate of Tsinghua:
After entering the gate, turn left and walk toward the East, and pass the football ground on the right. The 'Xin zhai' building is a 3-storey redbrick building on the left side (North side) - look for the two orange-coloured public phones at the front which are unique to XinZhai.

See the campus map for further details.

Phone Ned Rossiter if you get lost: 13426113039

This final event presents research undertaken on the mapping of open wireless internet connections in Beijing. The premise of this research vector was to register the ways in which the the GPS coordinates of open wireless connections constitute a counter-mapping of the cluster model of creative industries (see the 'maps' link for examples of the latter).

Luka Frelih, Frida V, artist & info-mapping, Ljubljana
You Mi, independent filmmaker, Beijing
Vincent Ni, new media researcher, Beijing