5. Beijing Greening 北京绿化规划

5. Beijing Greening 北京绿化规划

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5.1.Beijing's second green separating regional planning 1993 master plan

5.2. Second green separating regional planning-limit areas of land for the construction of the distribution plan

5.3. Recent key green areas Map

Beijing's second green text isolation regional planning
http://www.bjghw.gov.cn (google translate)

Green space - use of natural conditions and planting to improve the city's ecological, environmental protection, to provide open space and landscaping sites. 
Green space in urban and rural construction site outside the green open space, including green land, river water, farmland, orchard, woodland and other non-building sites. 
Urban areas - exurb, the center town, townships and other state-owned land within the scope of building sites. 
Non-urban areas - urban areas outside the region, including the construction of rural land and green space. 
Wedge of green building restrictions in the 2nd District - Road isolated green area within nine planning wedge of green building restrictions, to ensure that the green area and the quality and quantity of land for the construction of control. 
Travel between green building restrictions in the 2nd District - Road isolated green area between the satellite town planning, exurb and marginal urban green between groups of building restrictions, to ensure that the green area and the quality, quantity control of the construction site.

Planning purposes 规划目的
An overall, integrated within existing regional planning elements, objectivity, The outline plan for the region focused on analysis of the status of common problems, for the next step in the detailed planning and policy-making for.

Range Planning 规划范围
- In accordance with the city's overall planning Beijing, the second isolated green area is the Fifth Ring Road to Sixth Circle Expressway. involved in the planning scope of Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Tongzhou, Daxing, Fangshan, Mentougou, Changping, 10 Shunyi District, total area of 1556 square kilometers of land.
- With the first green separating regional planning convergence, The second green separating the scope for regional planning first isolated green areas and the urban fringe groups planning to outsiders Sixth Circle Expressway 1,000 meters lateral green belt. Including Tongzhou, Yi-, Huangcun, Liangxiang, Changxindian, exurb and six Shahe City Airport, total land area of about 1,650 square kilometers.

Function and Role 功能与作用
- To better preserve urban-style groups scattered layout, effectively prevent the building of urban land unrestricted outward expansion and the building of rural land to urban spread, guarantee the basic urban ecological environment and the rational layout of urban space.
- Exurb city is the base of high-tech industries, urban zones of higher education, the urban residential areas, played evacuation centers and urban industries.
- Satellite towns, and small towns in rural areas is the city of carrier.

Planning guiding ideology 规划指导思想
- Preserve urban reasonable space layout to ensure that the city's ecological environment quality, for the city to create sustainable development and environmental conditions.
- Progressive realization of Green Construction and the adjustment of agricultural structure, the urbanization of rural areas and farmers resettled linkage, the development of green industries, and ecological, social and economic benefits.
- Gradually guide the urbanization of rural development and give the spatial distribution of urban development in line with the overall demand.

Planning objectives 规划目标
- The short-term goal (2008) : Strict control of the area of land for the construction of the blind expansion achieve an important ecological corridor city with a green wedge-shaped green space, green space laid the overall framework Green space so that green space for the ratio is 10%.
- Long-term objectives (2020) : policy guidance, and the progressive realization of the urbanization of rural areas, completion of the adjustment of agricultural structure and fragmentation of rural land for the construction of the demolition also green, full realization of the ultimate green space and good ecological environment, green space or green space ratio of 50% and above.

Planning land for the construction of control and the ratio of green space 规划建设用地控制及绿色空间比例
- Second green areas with planning, the planning of urban construction sites accounted for 32% non-urban areas accounted for 68%, the total area of green space 1,061 square kilometers, Planning for the total land ratio is 64.3%.
- % exurb of land for the construction of the planned total control of land ratio below 15%.
- Exurb building in areas outside the land for building sites proportion of the total control within 20%.

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