4. Zhongguancun Science Park Master Plan 中关村科技园区总体规划

4. Zhongguancun Science Park Master Plan 中关村科技园区总体规划

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4.1. Haidian District in the northern part of the overall regional planning 海淀区北部地区总体规划
4.2. Haidian District plans 海淀区地规划图
4.3. Software Park performance plan 软件园表现图
4.4. Life Science Park - 2 sites 生命科学园二期用地
4.5. Zhongguancun Western plans 中关村西区规划总平面

The contents of the program 规划内容
Including technology park functions, industrial development rules, the distribution functions of planning, urban traffic planning, Information network planning, the park planning and comprehensive reforms in the organization and planning of implementation. 
Planning co-ordinate, to the people-oriented, and give full consideration to the ecological environment and heritage preservation, guarantee that the park construction and environmental construction coordination; prominent information network planning and the importance of transport planning, Construction of the park perfect service support system, the traditional urban planning, and new information network industry planning.

"A zone 5 garden" development pattern “一区五园”发展格局
In Haidian Park as the main center of innovation and technology in a different location and the high-tech industry base for relying on the space development pattern, highlighting the Haidian District, intellectual and technical resources-intensive advantage to concentrate on its technology innovation and demonstration functions, In other park unique industrial base, Yahoo to play in the city's role in promoting high-tech space development and protection.

The complexity of the planning and innovation 规划的复杂性和创新性
Planning Study area of 400 square kilometers, and urban science and technology park district building integrated, Planning is very difficult. Among these are both new science and technology park in the community, also has the universities, the Institute of Science and Technology Park, are also non-technology space. Planning in co-ordinating the various development needs, based on the method of preparation for a series of explorations.

Follow-up work 后续工作
According to this plan, and completed a number of professional park planning and research work. Zhongguancun which Western, the Zhongguancun Software Park, Life Science Park, Yongfeng industrial base construction projects. In addition, the North-Road, College Road 12 new and transforming the road works have been completed, small Moon River, Wanquan River water treatment project and the number of green-building projects are being completed, the park overall environment has been greatly improved.


Introduction conference of "Chinese Silicon Valley" held in London

Haidian Park of Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park held introduction conference of investment environment on Jun 13. Representatives of British Ministry of Trade and Industry, 48 Groups, Embassies in Britain and British business circle attended the conference. Reuters Technology China Ltd introduced its successfully investment cases in Haidian Park.

Haidian Park covers an area of 430 square km with 240mln resident population and enjoys state level preferential policies in high-tech development area. There are 80 universities and 213 science and technology institutes in Haidian district. GDP of Haidian in 2005 amounted to 12.1bln Euro, constituted 19% of total GDP in Beijing. Over 90,000 enterprises locate in Haidian, and over 40 World Top 500 enterprises establish high-tech enterprises and research and development centers there. Outstanding Chinese and foreign enterprises include: Lenovo, Tsinghua Tongfang, Founder Group, IBM, Motorala, Siemens and Samsung.

With favorable advantage of location, excellent high-tech human resources and completed infrastructure facilities, Haidian Park obtains the title of "Chinese Silicon Valley"and attracts world attention. The delegation comprehensively introduced policy of introducing fund and characteristic of industry of Haidian Park and expected to strengthen broad cooperation with British business circle, especially in the fields of innovation industry and finance.

[2006-6-19] Source: MOFCOM.gov.cn