3. Beijing City Centre Controlled the Detailed Planning 北京中心城控制性详细规划

3. Beijing City Centre Controlled the Detailed Planning  北京中心城控制性详细规划

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3.1. City centre renovation opportunities distribution map 中心城更新改造机遇区分布图
3.2. City centre zoning plan 中心城划图
3.3. City centre building strength analysis chart 中心城建筑强度分析图
3.4. City centre resident population+jobs 中心城居住人口+就业岗位

Beijing city to meet the functional positioning requirements, the implementation of the new regulations put the center city "six adjustments, 6 optimization "approach, since the beginning of 2005, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, a Beijing-based Planning Institute, other relevant units and research institutions involved in carrying out the "Beijing city center controlled detailed rules" of revising.

Focus on planning 规划重点
- control the overall size of the center city, Metro gradually ease population and industry.
- ensure the urban public interest, the maintenance of the ecological environment and urban security.
- achieve the overall protection of the old city, coordinated the protection and development of contradictions.
- embody the country's political center functions as the central unit in Beijing good service.
- optimize the industrial structure, improve the city's economic vitality.
- improve municipal roads and transportation systems, to raise operating efficiency.
- rational living space, to build civilized neighborhoods.
- intensive and highly efficient use of land and increase the land resources of comprehensive benefits.
- enhance the city's comprehensive quality and building livable city.

Exploration and practice 探索实践
- establish hierarchical systems, enhance the overall control.
- clear government functions, adjusting land classification standards.
- prominent priority system, the protection of public interests.
- study urban space form, adjusting the height of the building control system.
- traffic budget, distribution of building capacity.
- introduction of the open space rate indicators, emphasizing urban safety.
- draw upgrading opportunities, overall arrangement of construction.
- develop implementation of management practices to protect the center of the city with the implementation of the regulation.

City centre planning results 中心城规划成果
- Town Centre master plan reflects the outcome of the overall planning framework, principles and requirements.
- patches on the main results include patches status of the analysis, strictly on the planning history of the conclusions and all the contents of the program.
- neighbourhoods results include land functional status, image, the height of the building control zoning, land use planning function, Planning control targets.
- results highlight the city centre of the level system and by the macro, micro view of the planning study, ensure that the center city's overall planning principles and requirements in patches, block until the block specific indicators to implement.