04. Beijing Cyber Recreation District (CRD) 北京数字娱乐产业示范基地

04. Beijing Cyber Recreation District (CRD)  北京数字娱乐产业示范基地


With the characteristics of experiencing, entertaining, interactive, and competing, cyber entertainment will become part of the way of future daily life. Cyber entertainment and its related industries will get into various aspects of life, it changes urban spaces and layout of humanity. It will develop a new era for economic growth in a city. The digital entertainment of China has get into a new stage of development in various aspects. As a leader of cyber entertainment in China, Beijing Municipal People’s Government has selected culture and digital entertainment as part of the “the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development in Beijing and established Beijing Cyber Recreation District (CRD) covering the west side of town to promote cyber recreation industries. By combining digital entertainment with recreation facilities, CRD brings out new life for traditional economy and will stimulate the economic development of the whole growing level in capital area. Please join us on this exciting new development. We encourage your interest in investment as well as joining us to develop your cyber recreation related enterprise here. (Dr. Hou, Yu Lan, Chairman, Promotion Committee, Beijing Cyber Recreation District, Chief officer, The People's  Government of Shijingshan District,Beijing Municipality)

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Beijing Cyber Recreation District is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing , with convenient communication and beautiful landscape. It is the important part of “State Digital Media Technology Industry Base · Beijing” and “State On-line Game Cartoon Industry Development Base · Beijing ”. Cyber recreation industry is one important part of modern service industry, and will has a bright future. Beijing Cyber Recreation District is established by Beijing Government to promote the development of software, and became the most important Base supported by Beijing Government. Under the government guides and the market principle, Cyber Recreation District has the favorable opportunity of developing cyber recreation industry , aims to develop advantageous environment and mechanism, promotes cyber recreation industry development, strengthens union of production, study, technology and capital as well. (...) The Base Company has explicit goal and the mission , namely, complying to the plan, to promote construction of Cyber Recreation District, and to implement the "248 Project". The Project is to construct technology support and service support systems, construct industry convergence: cyber recreation industry centre, cyber financial centre , theme game park and cyber recreation dotshow; to construct eight characteristic technology centres: Mobile Game Center, Online Game Center, Caricature Production Center, Cyber Information Center, Cyber Finance Center, IP Exchange Center, Cyber Sports Center, Talent Training Center. (...)
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Beijing digital entertainment industry demonstration bases in Beijing Shijingshan District, adjacent to the park and Xishan Scenic belt, regional transportation networks, beautiful scenery and pleasant, fiber throughout the region, infrastructure is perfect.  Beijing Digital Entertainment Industry Demonstration Base, the Ministry of Science and Technology "national digital media technology industry base," the Press and Publication " national network games animated cartoon industry base "an important component of the China is also the National Sports Association Year Plan the only one "China E-sports center," and in early 2006 to join the Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Park. Beijing is to create "capital of leisure center (Capital Recreation Dist rict -- CRD), "Planning identified core industrial layout, Beijing charged with the development of digital entertainment industry is a heavy responsibility. Base since 2004 officially started, in August 2006 only, the base of the Leading Group under the leadership of already gathered more than 100 engaged in cultural creativity, digital entertainment enterprises entering the base and the launch of the network, including games, action cartoon, cell phone games, the new 3G business, digital music, digital publishing, Television new media such as the hundreds that have independent intellectual property rights of national products, Base industry support for the platform Dotman also July 15, 06 testing began. (...) Beijing to promote the digital entertainment industry base model building, ensuring the digital entertainment industry in sustainable development, Base 2 development "guided by the government, enterprises, and market-oriented operation" innovative mechanisms, the establishment of the base operating company-Beijing Digital Entertainment Ltd. (base). Base shoulders company based planning, construction, investment, operation and management functions, in accordance with the "build CRD. building capital recreational center, "the overall planning," Dotman brand strategy, "the core, Beijing advancing digital entertainment industry base model building. Building industry support and services to support two systems.
After two years of construction, industrial layout basically completed, and formed a building Yang Zemin at the core of trade zone; Badachu Park in technology research and development as the core of incubation; to amusement parks, the China Electronics athletic center at the core of the entertainment experience; Industrial University in the north of the core area of personnel training.
Set up a network game center, testing center for the promotion of digital transactions, experience athletic center, cartoon animation, Mobile game centers, and digital information center, training center eight supported by science and technology characteristics of the center.
"Beijing Digital Entertainment Industry Demonstration Base" is a cultural and creative industry in Beijing gathered, It is also a technological and cultural combination of industrial demonstration zone, the present, the base has entered two high-speed development stage, Base will be "guided by the government, market-led" principle, the base of brand building, Construction of the base market enterprise services platform-Dotman creative industries support the platform; integrating resources and seize the initiative, promote "a network" (www.dotman.com, is the Internet industry base, gather resources for the CRD, business, and the popularity of digital entertainment and creativity Park CRD given connotation), "a Garden" (digital entertainment that is creative Park Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Shijingshan Park as digital entertainment enterprises provide the hub carrier), "1" (consumer experience, for the digital entertainment crowd of consumer experience with the environment) the three projects, construction nationwide animated cartoon game industry, resource guide to digital entertainment, cultural and creative industry flows, the rapid formation of industry agglomeration effects, and creating a capital CRD.

Beijing Digital Entertainment Industry Demonstration Base Beijing Digital Entertainment Ltd.


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Digital entertainment industry will become regional economic development in Beijing's leading industries 数字娱乐产业将成为北京市发展区域经济的主导产业