02. Songzhuang Original Art and Cartoon Industry Cluster 宋庄原创艺术与卡通产业集聚区

02. Songzhuang Original Art and Cartoon Industry Cluster  宋庄原创艺术与卡通产业集聚区


Songzhuang Culture Creation Industrial Park
Songzhuang town is situated in the north of Tongzhou new city. It is the important area to develop the cultural creation industry and the back garden of Tongzhou new city. At the same time, it is the south door of the No.3 flight station building of the Capital International Airport.
The preliminary shape of Songzhuang Art Community is Artist Village. In the year of 1994, artiest Fang Lijun, Liu Wei, Zhang Huiping ,Wang Yin and critic Shu Xianting and so on came to Songzhuang. By now there are already nearly 700 artists in Songzhuang town and mainly distribute in eight villages as Tongli, Liuhe, Daxing, Xindian, Lama, Ren village, Beisi, which take Xiaopu village as center. Now artists in Songzhuang is formed by Multi-art creation group such as sculptors, conception artists, camorrists, dependant producer, new media artists, Music producer, free writers, and so on. Here it is the biggest original artist group in the nation. Municipal leaders, such as the secretary of Municipal Committee Liu QI, Mayor Wang Qishan and so on have come to Songzhuang town to have an inspection and made important commitment for several times.
According to the situation of the present artists’ resource, the Party Committee and government of Songzhuang town put forward the strategy of "Culture develops town". By the year of 2010, it will be developed into a famous artist town of China and primarily build several creation industrial base. By the yare of 2020, it will be developed into the international culture creation industrial park and creation culture and tourism district with its own characteristics.
The planned area of Songzhuang Culture Creation Industrial Park is 5 square kilometers. The land will enter into the exchange market from year 2006 to year 2008.

Prospective projects include:
Art creation park (planned area: 333500 square meters, build-up area: 15000 square meters). Project function: diversified art cultures integrated industries with truism.
International art city (planned area: 100050 square meters, build-up area: 40000 square meters) Project function: international art fund community, international picture corridor, international museum, audition center.
Art institute (planned area: 133400 square meters, build-up area: 28000 square meters)

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Songzhuang Painter Village
(...) The earliest "painter village" of China emerged in early 1990s in Yuanmingyuan Garden accommodating the artists around China. The unprecedented concentration brought about opportunities to the artists, and also triggered many sensitive "culture events". In 1995, the artists in Yuanmingyuan Park moved to Songzhuang 80 kilometers from Beijing center. Many artists rent or buy houses in Songzhuang to set up their own studios. The modern Songzhuang is no longer the "Shangrila", instead it is a production base of modern arts of China. Many critics called Yuanmingyuan Park as the "proclaim" and "Songzhuang" as "experiment".
Nearly 200 artists now live in Songzhuang, mostly surviving on selling paintings, living a unique living style here. The selection of Songzhuang means a calm and risky survival model.

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Songzhuang Art Center
2006 by DnA _Design and Architecture_


Beijing to set up nine commercial areas
Tongzhou district

Songzhuang Art Center Songzhuang Art and Cartoon Industry Zone will be completed in 2008 and the whole project will be finished by 2011. By then, it will provide job opportunities for 14,000 people.

The headquarters center of large companies around Beijing, Tianjin, and Tangshan. Some of the big companies will include the Beijing Publishing House Logistic Center, the Beijing Choice Furniture Modeling Center, the Liandong Industrial Zone, and the MacroLink Industrial Park. The Beijing Publishing House Logistic Center will start operation at the end of this year. After construction is completed, its transaction volume can reach 10 billion yuan every year with a sales revenue of 2 billion yuan.


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(...) Songshuang Artist Village in the east suburb of Beijing,where there are about 500 artists liveing in several villages around SongZhuang, forming the largest art community in the world, which is known as Artist Village. Since 1994,Artist Village has built its international fame for China contemporary art,and many works here are sold directly to the international art market and favored by museums and collectors.
This self-formed art group tries to build China contemporary art image in the world by using their unique language to express and explain their understanding of the reality and life. They wish to drive China contemporary art forward by their art experiments and to live on art.
Coming from different places of China, most of the artists don’t have stable job, only living on selling their works. Some of them have their own houses and gardens, the others just rent houses from the peasants.To show their personality, their houses and gardens are different form each other, just like their different-style works.
ChengDanQing,a famous artist returning from abroad, said: "The future of Chinese fine art is in Song Zhuang”.