01. China (Huairou) Movie & TV Industry Zone (CMTIZ) 中国(怀柔)影视基地位于北京市怀柔区杨宋镇

01. China (Huairou) Movie & TV Industry Zone (CMTIZ) 中国(怀柔)影视基地位于北京市怀柔区杨宋镇

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China (Huairou) Movie and TV Industry Zone (CMTIZ), is located in Yangsong town of Huairou district, with Miyun district on its northern border and Shunyi district on its southern border, 2kilometers from national highway R101. CMTIZ is 45 kilometers from Beijing, and 25 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport, and with Jingcheng expressway crossing through. With the Digital film production base of China Film Group as the core, an area of about one square kilometers as the centralizing industrial development zone, it covers a total area of 5.6 square kilometers, including Yangsong construction area and its surrounding areas; the periphery area contains the Movie and TV expansion and extension districts, covering some regions of Miaocheng town, Bohai town and the new city of Huairou.
As ecological conservation areas, Huairou has to restrict the size of a large population expansion that will provide an independent and relatively quiet environment for CMTIZ.

Huairou is 51 kilometers drive from Beijing city center, only 30-40mins by car, has entered the half-hour economic circle, so it can be good to take over the radiation of Beijing as China's policy center, information center, science and education center, business center, and also can be efficiently reacted with these center; goods flow, people flow, information flow and capital flow are well circulated.
Beijing is focusing on becoming as the Asian cultural center, Huairou will take this opportunity to promote each CMTIZ individual’s creative ability.
In terms of the quantity, quality of human resources, Beijing has a comparative advantage, even in the world, so Beijing can provide the needed personnel for CMTIZ enterprises and reduce the labor costs.

Projects 招商项目
Film & TV Hotel 影视酒店项目
Film&tv Shopping Mall(Film&TV Copyright International Transaction Town) 影视版权交易中心招商
Movie Producers Base 制片人总部基地
Film & TV Culture Street 影视文化一条街项目

Film & TV Culture Street
- Project Background 项目基本情况
The Peace business street is Located at living area in Yang song town Which is 1000 meters long. Now there have been some shops. The settlement of feng tong xiang rui provides a new opportunity for this project .Combining with a huge market of cultural industry brought by China film group corporation,Feng tong xiang rui will change Peace street across a group of villas into a business street of culture
of film and TV .
- Expanded Constructions 项目建设内容和规模
The film&TV culture street will hanve a theme that is relaxation and culture of film and TV .It will sell some merchandise related to film video,still and cloths in film and TV.There will be many Characterful bars and fashionable shops which will provide relaxation, enter-tainment and business services.

[19-04-2007] China Movie Capital


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