6. Daxing District 大兴区

6. Daxing District 大兴区

Daxing District 大兴区 "A flat plain district it is one of the satellite cities of Beijing.
Panggezhuang in Daxing is famous for its watermelons."

(...) Daxing is the south gate of Beijing with a straight distance less than 10km to Tian-An-Men. The 5th and 6th ring roads run through Daxing from east to west and the prolongation of the city’s South Axial Road from north to south. The Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Beijing-Kaifeng Expressway and the No.104 national motorway cross the district. There are 5 railway stations in Daxing along Beijing-Shanhaiguan railway and Beijing-Kowloon railway. The project of the extension of No.4 Subway will start to construct soon. The Nanyuan Airport also lies in the north of Daxing. During the 11th Five-year Plan period, Daxing will carry out the strategy of “developing modern manufacturing industry, hi-tech industry and modern service industry in Beijing” and focus on the development of bio-engineering & pharmaceutical industry, business & physical distribution industry, and culture & recreation industry.
With its favorable geographical and economic conditions, such as location advantages, favorable investment policies, and strong infrastructures, Daxing District has been attracting more and more world-famous enterprises to settle down and operate there. (...)

Recommended Projects in Daxing 
I. Real Estate Projects
1. Wumart Shopping Center (construction area: 600 thousand m2, business area: 200 thousand m2)
2. East area of Qingdao Jiayuan (business area: 29500m2)
3. Southeast part of Xingtao School (business area: 10000m2)
4. Rose Town, East side of Xinghua Road (business area: 57000m2)
5. Northwest part of Qingyuan Residential Community (business area: 80000m2)
6. China Bookstore (business area: 9000m2)
7. Facilitative Business Area of Bio-engineering Industry Base (area:133.2 thousand m2)

II. Tourism Projects
1. Tourist & Recreation Garden at Lixian Town, Daxing (area: 266400m2)
2. Daxing Ancient Mulberry National Forest Park (construction area: 50000 m2)
3. European-style Park at Anding Town (construction area: 6000 m2)
4. Beijing Yongding Riverside Luyuan Resort (land area: 240 hectare)
5. Liuminying Ecological Agriculture for Sightseeing (land area: 133200m2)
6. Beijing Caiyu Phoenix Hot Spring Resort (land area: 133200m2)

III. Incubator Projects
1. Industrial Enterprises Incubator Project at Beizangcun Town
2. Incubator Project at Yufa Town
3. Beijing Bio-engineering & Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Standard Workshop Demostration Plot
4. Vacant Workshop at Daxing Pioneer Park.

IV. Logistic Projects
1. Home to Chinese Feature Agricultural Product Exhibition & Trade Market
2. Beijing Caiyu Guannan Logistatic Base
3. Beijing Dalong Market Project
4. Commercial Zone of Beijing Bio-engineering & Pharmaceutical Industrial Park

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