7. Central Business District-CBD 北京商务中心区

7. Central Business District-CBD 北京商务中心区


CBD Comprehensive Plan
In order to construct a first class international CBD in Beijing, People's Government of Beijing Municipal internationally collects Beijing CBD Planning Programs. Eight well-Known planning and designing organizations home and about participated in the collecting activity. Eight different programs collected, which represent the advanced level of the world, present diversified styles with specific characters. The Detailed Comprehensive Plan of Beijing CBD is compiled after full consideration of the current situation according to authorities suggestion on the basis of absorbing advanced planning idea and designing concepts of the collected programs. It presents an idea of internationalization, diversity and feasibility.
The total construction area of Beijing CBD will be 800-1000 hectares, of which 50% will be office buildings, 25% will be apartments and the remainder 25% will be commercial, service, cultural and entertainment facilities. The commercial facilities will mainly locate on both sides the Third Ring Road East and Jianguomenwai Street. A multi-functional area will make the CBD area full of vigor 24 hours a day. The core of the CBD area will be the northeastern corner of Dabeiyao Overpass, covering an area of about 30 hectares. Construct a group of super-high buildings will be constructed along the two sides of the East 3rd-Ring Road, which will become the window of the capital's modernization in future. (...)

Planning  of  CBD  Core  Area
The  northeast  corner  of  Guomao  Bridge  will  be  a  convergent  place  for  skyscrapers.  Main  architectures  will  expand  around  the  central  square,  to  ensure  the  view  of  each  building.  Landmark  edifices,  eye-catching  space  forms,  and  harmonious  public  space  within  the  area  will  become  a  typical  image  of  Beijing  in  the  new  century. (...)

CBD Traffic Plan
The road system and organization of inside and outside traffic in CBD are very up-to-date. Roads are about 155 hectares, 39% of the total CBD area. Beijing CBD Commission invited MVA, a special counseling company on traffic program from Hong Kong, to investigate and predict the traffic flow rate of both the present and the future. (...)For most of the world big cities, public transportation is always preferred in dealing with traffic problems. To ease the traffic burden in Beijing CBD, public transportation will be encouraged and further developed. The plan abides by the principle of "civil facilities first". In three years, the subway line 10 will be completed, and the road system of the CBD will be reconstructed to meet the needs of large-scale projects construction. Before 2006, the internal and external roads of the CBD to be paved and completed will be about 74 km in total length. (...)

Environment  and  Landscape  Plan
Restrained  by  the  existing  conditions  and  modes  of  land  development,  we  can  hardly  form  large  acreages  of  green  areas.  According  to  a  plan,  there  will  be  a  theme  park  in  each  of  the  four  quarters  of  CBD.  The  proposed  four  theme  parks  are  the  Parks  of  History  and  Humanism,  the  Square  of  Performing  Arts,  the  Park  of  Science,  Technology  and  Information  and  the  Park  of  Natural  Science.  These  parks,  linked  up  by  green  belts  and  plazas,  go  through  the  whole  CBD.  These  parks,  joined  by  Binghe  green  belts  along  the  bank  of  the  Tonghui  River  on  the  south,  make  up  the  ring-shaped  greenery  system  of  CBD,  which  link  the  whole  office  blocks  together,  as  it  is  situated  in  the  middle  of  the  District  which  sees  massive  movements  of  people. (...)

Industrial Orientation
Thanks to the past years of planning and development, with the further development of reform, opening-up and market economy, Beijing has constantly improved its environment for developing CBD. The District has become the top destination in Beijing for multinational companies, particularly the World's Top 500 companies, as the abundant foreign-related resources, intense business environment and sound infrastructures attract them. Within BJCBD, an industrial pattern has taken shape, which features a coordinated development of modern service industry with finance, insurance, consultancy, and intermediary playing a leading role. (...)

[2003-12-12] Beijing Central Business District Administrative Commission

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