Inventory of Maps

OrgNets projects are interested in collaborative cartographies that make intelligible topics of investigation.

The practice of creating new maps facilitates both the process of collaborative constitution and provides a resource that makes visible the frequently overlooked conditions and experiences the comprise the policy variations of a particular topic.

Counter mappings of creative industries

Maps from Government sources (translations of text from Google)

1. Creative Industries Cluster Area 文化创意产业集聚区
2. Overall Urban Planning (2004-2020) 北京城市总体规划
3. City Centre Controlled the Detailed Planning 北京中心城控制性详细规划
4. Zhongguancun Science Park Master Plan 中关村科技园区总体规划 _"Chinese Silicon Valley"
5. Beijing Greening 北京绿化规划
6. Daxing District 大兴区
7. Central Business District-CBD 北京商务中心区


1. Maps by Shveta Sarda

2. Maps by Luka Frelih / FridaV: GPS data tracking and OpenStreetMaps of Beijing

Urban food production

Water systems



Food distribution

Food consumption